Tantalus Partners with Irby Utilities to Roll Out a Next-Generation Fiber Solution

Burnaby, British Columbia – December 02, 2021 — Smart grid technology leader Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID) announced a market-leading partnership with Irby Utilities, a subsidiary of Sonepar USA, that provides full scope fiber network solutions through its Technology and Communications business group. By harnessing Irby Utilities’ national reseller capabilities, the partnership offers forward-thinking utilities cutting-edge command and control of distributed energy resources over their fiber networks through the TRUSense™ Fiber Gateway (TRUSense).

TRUSense, which will be generally available in 2022, creates a secure, utility-grade communications path that supports a variety of IP standards to monitor, control and analyze behind-the-meter devices including solar panel inverters and electric vehicle charging stations that end-customers are increasingly demanding from their utilities and service providers. TRUSense also enhances grid resilience by providing advanced, sub-cycle consumption and power quality measurements that support highly granular interval data, real-time phase identification and snapshots of the voltage waveform around detected events. In summary, TRUSense enables applications that add tangible value to utilities deploying broadband services to communities that have previously lacked equitable access.

TRUSense integrates with the advanced AMI applications and data analytics available on the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet®) smart grid solution. It also can operate as a standalone device, independent of the metering system, and can be deployed as a complement to existing radio frequency or powerline communications-based AMR/AMI systems facilitating future migration for utilities that want to lead the way.

“In partnering with Tantalus, Irby Utilities is able to provide a differentiated solution to our utility customers,” said Geff Smith, VP Technology and Communications at Irby Utilities. “Working together, we will deliver a solution that unlocks significant benefits from utilities’ investments in fiber. Utilities will be able to achieve situational awareness today by accessing data from the edge of the grid—regardless of what AMI system they have deployed—while preparing for the operational and environmental challenges of tomorrow.”

“Our next-generation TRUSense Fiber Gateway is another demonstration of Tantalus’ thought-leadership in transforming electric distribution grids into comprehensive digital networks,” said Peter Londa, President & CEO of Tantalus. “We are witnessing a paradigm shift across the utility industry. Bolstered by billions of dollars in US federal investment, utilities are building more resilient grids capable of withstanding extreme weather and adapting to the emergence of distributed resources while simultaneously improving their efficiency. Tantalus is honored to work alongside Irby Utilities, which has a long track record of success and expertise in both the utility industry and fiber networking. We look forward to working with their team to improve the value utilities generate from fiber investments and accelerate the adoption of our next-generation solution.”

About Tantalus Systems (TSX: GRID)

Tantalus is a smart grid technology company that transforms aging one-way grids into future-proofed multi-directional grids that improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of public power and electric cooperative utilities and the communities they serve. Our solutions are purpose-built to allow utilities to restore power quickly after major disruptions, adapt to rapidly shifting consumer expectations and population shifts, innovate new solutions based on the adoption of distributed energy resources and evolve their grid infrastructure at their own pace without needless cost or complexity. All this gives our user community the flexibility they need to get the most value from existing infrastructure investments while planning for future requirements. Learn more at www.tantalus.com.

About Irby Utilities

Irby was founded in 1926 and is based in Jackson, Mississippi. The company has evolved into two distinct operations, of which Irby Utilities is an industry leader with 57 locations supporting activity in 47 states. The employees of Irby Utilities serve customers with innovative products and services through its diverse portfolio in four major business channels: electric, broadband, gas and capital project services. To find out more, visit www.irbyutilities.com.

About Sonepar USA

Sonepar USA is an independent, family-owned company with global market leadership in the B-to-B distribution of electrical, industrial and safety products, services and solutions. We are a proud member of the Sonepar Group, the world’s largest privately held electrical distributor. Sonepar entered the US in 1998 and has continued to grow due to strategic acquisitions and organic growth. Today, Sonepar USA is represented by 14 locally managed operating companies with over 700 locations nationwide. For more information, visit soneparusa.com.

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